Work with Tyler

Work with Tyler

A personal knowledge management (PKM) system helps clarify your thinking, accelerate your creativity, and store the things you want to remember.

Figuring out how to create a PKM system can be overwhelming and confusing.

And your beliefs and fears can get in the way of you using your PKM system effectively.

But creating a PKM system and habits that work for you can be fun and rewarding.

Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them.

David Allen

As the PKM coach for creatives, some of the things I help my clients with include:

  • Feeling confident and accomplished
  • Creating a PKM system that they love
  • Increasing their productivity and output
  • Accelerating and amplifying their creativity
  • Establishing a regular social media presence
  • Consistently producing and publishing their work
  • Stepping into that new identity they’ve aspired to be
  • Feeling secure in knowing where to find the things they’ve learned
  • Implementing a sustainable and helpful way to organize their notes
  • Using their inbox in a way that doesn’t lead to overflow and overwhelm
  • Developing a sense of self-compassion around their creative work habits
  • Discovering a newfound sense of awe around who they are and what they do
  • Balancing how much content they consume with how much work they create
  • Celebrating everything they’ve created as part of and using their PKM system
  • Seeing the notes they create as valuable and worthy of inclusion in their projects
  • Treating their own ideas with at least as much respect as they have for others’ ideas
  • Overcoming shiny object syndrome and feeling confident that their PKM system is exactly what they need

My clients work one-on-one with me via weekly 45-60 minute Zoom calls. They also get support through Voxer between sessions.

Every journey I embark on with a client is unique.

Some clients don’t know where to get started with their PKM, and some have a system they’ve already used for years.

Some clients know exactly what they want to achieve using their PKM, and some are simply curious about how their life would be different if they had one.

And the PKM habits and practices I’ve worked on with clients include consuming an appropriate amount of information, using their notes to create real value, trusting their PKM system to be a reliable conversation partner, and truly respecting their own opinions as being valuable, valid, and carrying meaningful weight.

If you’d like to explore working with me, you can schedule a 45-minute Zoom call with me below.

We will spend the first 30 minutes looking at something you’ve been struggling with in your PKM and then exploring possible solutions to that struggle. For the last 15 minutes, I will tell you about my coaching program (and whether I think it would be a good fit for you at this time) and you can let me know if that would be something you’d like to embark on.

You don’t have to worry about this being a pushy sales call–it’s not. This is just an opportunity to evaluate whether the two of us would be a good fit to embark on this PKM journey together.

If coaching with me is something you’d like to explore, book a discovery call with me now: