Work with Tyler

Work with Tyler

If you’re introverted like me, you may have noticed that the world rewards extroverts.

We’re told that we’re too quiet and that we should speak up more. We’re told that we should be more confident. We’re told that we should make small talk and meet new people.

And it’s not that we don’t like people.

We love spending time with our friends… …but we have our limits.

It’s just that some people mistake our limits for a lack of interest. This creates a lot of pressure to always be on so that we aren’t excluded from invitations.

Dating can be a struggle too.

It takes a lot of vulnerability to meet new people. It can feel exhausting to do so, especially when you feel pressure to hide your anxiety and appear upbeat and excited.

But this can feel like a necessary evil because we don’t want to feel lonely.

Even work environments favour extroverts. They don’t have a problem giving presentations or attending social functions, so the spotlight is often on them and their achievements. Our contributions can often feel like they go unrecognized.

And we also often feel unheard. When other people have no problem jumping in and sharing what’s on their minds, it’s difficult to share our perspectives–especially when we want time to process our thoughts before doing so.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

I help introverts thrive and succeed
in a world that puts the spotlight on extroverts.

I work one-on-one with my clients to address their unique needs and goals.

Some of the things I help my clients with include:

  • Increasing their productivity and output
  • Feeling less overwhelm, anxiety, and stress
  • Feeling more confident, accomplished, and proud
  • Building new relationships and strengthening existing ones
  • Deepening their sense of self-understanding and self-compassion
  • Setting healthy boundaries in relationships to protect their space and time
  • Discovering a newfound sense of awe around who they are and what they do
  • Treating their own ideas with at least as much respect as they have for others’ ideas
  • Learning to celebrate who they are, what they’ve accomplished, and how they’re continuing to evolve

You can be successful without needing to pretend to be someone you’re not.

You can thrive without doing things you don’t want to do.

I can show you how.

If you’d like to explore working with me, you can schedule a 45-minute Zoom call with me below.

We will spend the first 30 minutes looking at something you’ve been struggling with and then exploring possible solutions to that struggle. For the last 15 minutes, I will tell you about my coaching program (and whether I think it would be a good fit for you at this time) and you can let me know if that would be something you’d like to embark on.

You don’t have to worry about this being a pushy sales call–it’s not. This is just an opportunity to evaluate whether the two of us would be a good fit to embark on this journey of discovery and growth together.

If coaching with me is something you’d like to explore, book a discovery call with me now: