Senior Software Developer – Clio

I’ve almost hit my 6th anniversary at Clio. I am currently a Senior Software Developer on the Billing Team.

Member at Large – VGVA

I currently hold the Member at Large role on the executive board for the Vancouver Gay Volleyball Association.

Building A Second Brain

I am in cohort 12 of Building A Second Brain. For the past year, I have been working on building out a Zettelkästen system in after reading How to Take Smart Notes. After thrashing for a bit on maintaining an effective and efficient system, I decided to take this course to help gain some direction and momentum. I am looking to learn how to improve my note-taking systems, productivity, and quality of thought.


I am (finally) learning how to drive. I am taking lessons with SenSen Driving School.


I use OmniFocus with a Getting Things Done system to keep track of my outstanding tasks. Here is a rough visual of the current state of my OmniFocus:

The recent state/trend of my OmniFocus (an app I use to keep track of my to-do list)

Last updated on May 5, 2021.