Senior Software Developer – Clio

I am a Senior Software Developer on the Billing Team at Clio.


Currently on hold as I focus on completing my coaching certification.

Coaching Certification

I am currently completing my coaching certification through The Life Coach School.

President – Strata Council

I am the President on my building’s strata council.

Email Newsletter

I publish a weekly email newsletter to share things I’ve recently thought about. Subscribe to it here.

The Infinite Game Book Club

I am reading The Infinite Game as part of a book club at work.

Facilitator – Linking Your Thinking

I am one of the facilitators for cohort 8 of Linking Your Thinking. My role is to answer questions and share helpful resources in the discussion forum.


I’m participating in the #tweet365 challenge, which involves tweeting the #tweet100 hashtag every day. Click here to see how I’m faring in the challenge.

Ship 30 for 30: Captain’s Table

I’m a member of the Ship 30 for 30 Captain’s Table community. I will be working on improving my writing as part of this ongoing membership.

Ultraspeaking Daily Trainings

I practice my speaking via the Ultraspeaking games through a subscription to their Daily Trainings program.


I play volleyball with 6Pack Indoor Beach and Volleyball BC.


I use OmniFocus with a Getting Things Done system to keep track of my outstanding tasks. Here is a rough visual of the current state of my to-do list:

The recent state/trend of my OmniFocus (an app I use to keep track of my to-do list)

Last updated on June 10, 2022.