• Why New Year’s Resolutions fail and what we can do about it

    Welcome to 2023! It’s that time of year when many people start to reconnect with their desires. Some people avoid setting New Year’s Resolutions because they don’t believe they’ll successfully achieve them. Some people are super excited about setting New Year’s Resolutions and set out to achieve big things, or many things, throughout the coming… Read more

  • Why feelings deserve our attention

    Many of the people I coach are, or share similarities with, Myers-Briggs INTJs or Enneagram Type 5s. (I am an INTJ and Type 5, myself.) I’m often working with people who are very goal-oriented and intellectually focused. Thus, our conversations are frequently about what’s on their mind, their actions (or lack thereof), and the results they’re creating (or not). I… Read more

  • Fearing what you may discover

    I was talking to a friend recently who mentioned she was struggling with deciding on her goals. She was scared because she didn’t know what she might discover if she took the time to reflect on what was truly important to her. I started to imagine what I might be doing if I was in… Read more

  • My weekly time-boxing process

    Back in February, I wrote in a newsletter how I had started time-boxing my schedule again. Well, it’s now September, and that practice is still going strong. I recently wrote a Twitter thread on three of the benefits of time-boxing. Today, I wanted to focus on how I time-box my schedule each week. 1. I decide on my… Read more

  • My takeaways from my first PKM show and tell session

    I participated in my first ever PKM show and tell session this week. Eight people attended this one-hour Zoom call. We spent 20 minutes doing introductions. We shared a little bit about who we are, where we’re from, what got us into PKM, and what the different components of our PKM currently look like. After this, we spent 20 minutes… Read more

  • Integrating MOCs with PARA

    There are many motivations for maintaining a Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) system. Many books, courses, videos, articles, etc., also teach different ways to build a PKM system. This can sometimes confuse people because they don’t understand the purpose of a specific framework or aren’t consciously aware of why they want to build and maintain a PKM system. 💭 Why… Read more