• Feedback is a dance, not a delivery

    Delivering feedback can be an intimidating experience. If this is your first time giving this person feedback, you may worry about what might happen. Maybe they’ll take it harder than you intended for them to. Maybe they’ll react poorly to the feedback. And even if you have given this person feedback before, you may be… Read more

  • Why relationship problems persist and what we can do about them

    Have you ever been in a relationship where a small problem snowballed into a much larger one? You’re not alone. This is a widespread pattern. Here are some examples of problems people commonly face in their relationships with partners, friends, coworkers, etc.: Something interesting happens when you encounter a problem like this. The brain will… Read more

  • What is life coaching?

    I started working on my life coaching certification back in June. As of October, I’m now a certified life coach. Since I started working on this path, I’ve commonly been asked: “What is life coaching?” I’m going to try to explain using an analogy. Suppose you have a camera. One of those fancy ones with a… Read more

  • The things that hold us back from living intentionally

    When you live intentionally, you get more of what you want, have more meaningful relationships, and feel more fulfilled. So what’s holding you back from being more intentional? Often, it’s hard to live intentionally because we spend so much time on autopilot. We have patterns and habits that have served us in the past. We assume… Read more

  • The benefits of looking at everything flying around in your head

    Why is it beneficial to be aware of everything flying around in your head? Your thoughts create your experience of the world. Your thoughts shape what information you pay attention to and how you interpret that information. And your thoughts produce feelings in your body. When we’re aware of our thoughts, we can be more… Read more

  • Six ways to increase the value of what we learn

    I’ve always got a lot of books, podcasts, articles, etc., on the go. It’s a habit I’ve picked up over many, many years. And generally, this is seen as a good habit. We’re learning things. It feels like we’re improving and getting better. And there certainly are worse things we could be doing with our time. But… Read more