Distinguishing Newsletter Content – Part II

Back in September, I was coming up to publishing the first issue of my newsletter. I published a blog post about how I was going to distinguish my newsletter content from my blog content.

One of the things that has shifted since my last blog post is that my newsletter is now weekly instead of monthly.

I was publishing my monthly newsletter as a survey of everything I had encountered over the past month. It was broad, but very long–the second issue was almost 4,000 words long.

I felt like this was too much for most people. The length was intimidating and it was hard to pick out the relevant parts for people’s unique interests.

With the shift to weekly newsletters, I’m going to be sending out shorter, atomic pieces. The plan is to have each newsletter reflect the results from a question I’d been investigating recently.

So where does this leave my blog?

I’m unsure.

There will probably be some combination of longer, developed pieces. There will probably be some personal updates. And there will probably be others posts that fall in between, or somewhere completely different.

The experimenting continues.

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