Distinguishing Newsletter Content

We’re almost 75% through 2021. There’s only a few days left in September. And I’m due to publish the first issue of my monthly newsletter soon.

I’ve been struggling a bit in preparing for this first issue. How do I distinguish what goes in my blog from what goes in my newsletter? Do I distinguish them?

I’ve done some research, but this still feels like it’s gonna be pretty experimental for the next several months.

One common thread I found was that blogs typically follow some niche topic whereas newsletters can be more broad. My blog is not niche at all. 🤷‍♀️ I suspect that may make distinguishing the two more difficult. But maybe that’s not a problem.

But maybe I can just make the newsletter content even more broad.

Some of the things I’m debating including right now include:

  • The songs I have on repeat
  • Favourite ideas from things I’ve read
  • Random facts I’ve discovered
  • Quotes I’m reflecting on
  • New people I’ve discovered/started following
  • Connections I’ve been making between ideas
  • Shows/movies I’ve been watching

Let me know if you think I should exclude any of those, include anything else, or if you have any other thoughts on the topic. This is all new to me 🙂

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