You might notice yourself checking things, picking at things, thinking obsessive thoughts, or fiddling with your own body in a routinized kind of way. These are signs that the stress has overwhelmed your brain’s ability to cope rationally with the stressor.

“Burnout” by Emily Nagoski and Amelia Nagoski

Not much has been happening besides work.

It’s funny how bad my sense of time is right now.

By Monday afternoon, I could barely believe it was only Monday. Today, I’m surprised it’s Thursday, but not because the week feels short.

My sleep hasn’t been great with all this overtime either. Sometimes I’m working and then I realize it’s almost midnight, so I go to bed. But then because my body doesn’t like to sleep in, I’m usually up again early regardless.

Usually I use physical activity to regain energy, but this week I passed out in the middle of a workout. Initially on my run today, I was worried I was gonna need to sit down and nap along the way (fortunately, the run eventually woke me up).

Anyhow, already this week is one extra week of overtime I wasn’t expecting. I’m really hoping it doesn’t get extended to next week as well.

Today I’m grateful for:

  • 8 hour workdays. If it was normal for the average person to work this much all the time, I’m pretty sure my mood would take quite a big hit.
  • Weekends. I’m looking forward to taking some time off this weekend to recharge a bit. Also, catching up on workouts because I think I’ve only worked out twice so far this week.
  • Breaks. My company gives me pretty generous flexibility with my hours, so I’ve been taking off for a run in the early afternoon each day. This helps me to wake up, though maybe I should use that time to try to nap while I’m tired instead. (Plus, if I run before/after work instead, I can also avoid worrying about sunburn. It’s getting hotter outside already.)

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