When a nun asked how he was doing, Seuse replied that things were going quite badly because it had been a month since he’d known pain and he was afraid that God had forgotten him.

“The Gargoyle” by Andrew Davidson

My migraine still hasn’t completely disappeared. It’s not bad at all, but it is constantly lingering there in the back of my head. I’ve been trying not to think about it too much. I’m happy it hasn’t gotten worse again.

My jar of bouncy balls has been overflowing for my running jar because of my break back when I migraine was really bad. Last week I managed to pull off 40km which was pretty good.

I think I jumped back into running too quickly, though.

I’m breaking in a new pair of shoes (sort of–I’ve started using the shoes I’ve been walking in to run in because I’ve worn through my old runners), and the arch support isn’t as good as I hoped. My arches have been sore, especially when going up hill.

Additionally, my blisters are back (no surprise there). The biggest one under the pad of my foot popped on its own. When the skin started to peel, I made the mistake of thinking it would be helpful if I removed the rest of the dead skin. Well, as it turned out, this just led to the surrounding skin getting really hard. So now that hurts even more when I go running now, and there’s already another blister that’s formed and popped under where the old one was.

I’m also taking care of some skin chafing. It fortunately hasn’t been getting worse, but it’s annoying that I didn’t notice it until after it became a problem.

Right now, my strategy has been to allow myself to walk more often on my runs. I still want to get the kilometers in, especially because I’ve already fallen so far behind on my goal. I hope that doing so is sufficient to prevent further injury.

Part of me really wishes I was better at moderation. I mean, I’ve clearly been getting away without it, but it would be nice if I had another option.

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