Develop and Optimize

Form determines function, but the tissues also develop and optimize based on their use. For example, the fibers in a muscle may have a given structural architecture, but the repetitive stresses they see during running may cause adaptations that shorten and excessively bind layers of tissues together that impact their overall function. To restore this, you must fix the tissue properties, but also address the mechanical cause that altered the tissue in the first place.

“Anatomy for Runners” by Jay Dicharry

I missed posting on Monday, and I almost skipped posting this today. In the spirit of not letting the good be the enemy of the perfect, I’m just stopping by to say I haven’t forgotten about this.

I’ve been keeping busy this week unpacking and catching up on my goals. I’m behind on quite a few of them right now, so I’ve gone to the gym twice today and also did a short 5 km run. Just got back now, and I’m getting ready for bed so I can try to get some sleep for tomorrow (the past two nights haven’t been great for sleep).

I’m also hoping to dedicate some more thinking time to blog posts in the near future. I feel like several of the more recent ones were rushed, disorganized, and too spontaneous.

I don’t have internet at home yet (yes, I caved in and I’m gonna give internet a try for the year), but that’s coming next week and will hopefully help with keeping on top of blogging regularly.

Time to sleep.

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