You see, gentlemen, reason is unquestionably a fine thing, but reason is no more than reason, and it gives fulfillment only to man’s reasoning capacity, while desires are a manifestation of the whole of life — I mean the whole of human life, both with its reason and with all its itches and scratches.

“Notes From The Underground” by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

I used to be all gung-ho about logic and reason. I thought that sticking purely to them was the best way to navigate any argument. I thought that bringing emotions in just made things messy.

In the past several months, I’ve really been questioning whether that was true.

I’ve been in and observed a lot of conversations where I realized that people were being logically, but the conversations weren’t really progressing. The logic wasn’t helping to navigate the conversation. In fact, at times, I thought it was just making things worse.

It seems like whatever conclusion people want to draw, if it’s about something that isn’t somewhat objectively measurable, people can use logic in some form to support their conclusion.

And it also seems like most of arguments seem to be emotional at the core–not logical.

I’m curious whether this is just my current context, or if this is true in a broader sense as well.

And if most arguments are emotional at the core, what role does logic play?

Anywho, just some random thoughts that I’m continuing to ponder, and observations that I shall continue to make.

4 thoughts on “Reason

  1. Yeah, he does, he says something along the lines of arguments and negotiation are emotional in nature.. even when people are using logic to communicate with each other it really is just emotions


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