The past several weeks, I feel like I’ve really been experiencing Murphy’s Law in action.

Alex and I broke up after ~2.5 years. We’re still friends, but we’re also still living together. I’ve slowly been packing my things, and I’ll be moving temporarily to South Delta until I figure out where I’m going next. Packing has been a reminder about how much stuff I have–so much in excess. Figuring out where I’m going to be going next has been taking a lot of time and research; especially after this reminder about how annoying it is to move so frequently, I know this effort will be worth it.

I am not excited about moving back to South Delta. It’s going to make work more difficult (even though I’ll probably be working from home most of the time, it is much harder for me to do my job not being in the same space as my team). It’s going to make sports and my social life more difficult (it’s been years since I’ve had to trek between South Delta and UBC, and now it seems like I’m going back to the grind). And I think this is generally going to just make everything more difficult. I think part of what I find most stressful about this is just that I don’t have any indicator how long this period in South Delta will last.

Then aside from those shenanigans, work has been super crazy the past month. My team (and a couple other teams I’ve talked to) has been plagued with overtime suddenly and frequently. I have some responsibilities at work that have been both taking my focus away from my primary job responsibilities and also seem to go beyond the expectations for people at my job level. And then the usual minor things, like losing my standing desk again.

In any case, I took half of this week off to finish packing and continue researching. Doesn’t feel like much of a vacation. There’s just so many unfamiliar and unpredictable things going on right now. #stress

From Gyroscope

In other news, I’ve started playing badminton again and that is exciting. I’m still rusty (it’s been almost a year and a half), but it was still pretty fun. Looking forward to getting back into that swing of things. I’m also hoping to re-engage with volleyball as it’s been sort of dull for me recently. And hopefully I’m able to keep these up while I’m living in South Delta.

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