This is literally a random shower thought.

I was thinking about profanity in the shower this morning. Now I’m debating whether I should try to stop using it.

The concern about using profanity isn’t about the words themselves or how they may impact other people.

The concern I was reflecting on in the shower is about what the profanity reveals about me.

When I use profanity, it usually indicates (indirectly) that something is emotionally charged for me, and/or that I have a perception about the way that something/someone is.

Sometimes this is intentional or conscious, such as when I’m being passive-aggressive about something. Sometimes this is unintentional or subconscious, such as when I’m holding a grudge about something but I haven’t clued in that the grudge exists.

In either case, whether it’s intentional/conscious or not, this means I’m suppressing part of my experience in some way or another. And the past several years I’ve definitely been becoming more present to that fallout that can have…

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