I’m on a roll recently. Last week I strained my right trapezius muscle at the same time as having costochondritis in my right rib cage. My emotions have also been dipping recently, at least in part because I’ve started to stress about the fact that I’ve been experiencing elevated stress again. And now this morning I strained my lower back.

As a result of this, I’ve been in chronic physical pain most of the past week (and I’ve spent more money than usual on professionals to try to relieve this pain). My digestion is starting to look like it did several months ago again. My sleep has been especially bad this week, ranging from being especially fragmented/restless to not happening at all.

I’m worried that I’m going to produce a positive feedback cycle for my stress, so I’m working on being present to the idea of amor fati. I’m hoping that by embracing where I’ve found myself right now, I won’t exacerbate any issues and thus allow myself to move forward more freely.

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