Coming out of my communication course this weekend, something I’ve been working on is being open about my experience with people throughout my day.

I definitely haven’t been perfect with it. I had at least one moment of inauthenticity today. Someone on my team left out a bowl of plums and then messaged the team to help themselves. Later on in the day, I noticed someone from a different team help themselves to the plum after seeing my teammates picking up plums. I immediately had a judgement that they were always inviting themselves into places where they weren’t invited. But then I didn’t say anything about it. It will be a conversation I follow-up on tomorrow.

The rest of the day, though, I did stay in communication with most people throughout the day. I was providing feedback, asking questions, and providing my perspective where I don’t think I normally would have. It was difficult stepping out of my comfortable silence, but I was usually able to do so today.

Something interesting I noted today was that I caught myself feeling happier and lighter in parts of today, and I’m curious whether it is actually related to staying in communication throughout the day. I’m hoping to keep up this practice, so I’m looking forward to seeing whether these new feelings also continue in the future as well.

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