Vice and Virtue

The Enneagram has been back on my mind again recently. It’s been coming up from various avenues including a book I just finished and a few conversations I’ve recently had with co-workers.

I’m a Type 5 by the Enneagram. The virtue of Type 5s is non-attachment. The vice of Type 5s is greed. I’ve always wondered about what these two things mean and how they might apply to my life.

Some thoughts I had regarding non-attachment came after hearing a couple coworkers share a similar sentiment about me. They mentioned that they feel comfortable talking about personal topics with me because they feel like I don’t judge them for it.

Something I actively try to do whenever I can is be aware of the thoughts I have about something, and how those are different from the something itself. So although I may have judgements about something, I try to recognize those thoughts as judgements that I have created, and I try not to hold on to those thoughts too tightly or for too long. I wonder if this might be related to their comments, and whether it could be related to the non-attachment noted by the Enneagram.

As for greed, something I noticed when reading Ryan Holiday’s The Obstacle Is The Way is how attached I am to predictability and perfection. If I want something, and I make a plan to get something, and I execute on that plan, and I don’t achieve that thing, I get frustrated that things didn’t go according to plan. Similarly, if I show up at a bus stop and the bus is late, or the bus is crowded, I get frustrated because I expect better from our transit system.

Although there’s much to be appreciated in each moment, I always seem to want more. I wonder if this is the greed the Enneagram refers to.

Perhaps this is just an indication I need to become better acquainted with amor fati?

Post Script: I realize I’m going in circles, but I’m going to be blogging more regularly again. I recently re-listened to a Seth Godin interview on Tim Ferriss’ podcast, and it inspired me to post more often. Something I’m starting to work on more right now is sharing my thoughts, feelings, and otherwise experience of life more often. I think that blogging more often and sharing just random tidbits of my day goes well in the spirit of that.

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