Have you ever noticed that rewards
often go to people who are confident and
willing to stand up in front of a crowd?

Maybe you’ve noticed that in the workplace, promotions and raises go to people who volunteer to give presentations, share their opinions during meeting, and attend company social events.

Maybe you’ve noticed that in the dating world, all eyes are on the person who’s in the middle of the dance floor, assertive and direct with what they want, and the life of the party when your friends get together.

In many environments, there’s pressure for introverts to behave more extroverted in order to succeed.

Whether in social, school, or work situations, we’re told to speak up, be more cheerful, socialize more often, be more confident, and bring more energy to group activities.

It can feel like extroversion is the standard we’re being held to. It’s like unless we start to exhibit more extroverted traits, we’re holding ourselves back from other people and what we’re truly capable of.

You don’t have to pretend to be
someone you’re not or to do things
you don’t want to do in order to succeed

There’s nothing wrong with being introverted.

Introversion is certainly different from extroversion, but it is not inferior.

You can be an introvert and still thrive and succeed in your relationships, career, studies, and hobbies.

I can help you:

  • Increase your productivity and output
  • Feel less overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed
  • Feel more confident, accomplished, and proud
  • Build new relationships and strengthen existing ones
  • Deepen your sense of self-understanding and self-compassion
  • Set healthy boundaries in relationships to protect your space and time
  • Discover a newfound sense of awe around who you are and what you do
  • Treat your own ideas with at least as much respect as you have for others’ ideas
  • Learn to celebrate who you are, what you’ve accomplished, and how you’re continuing to evolve

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